10 sex challenges you should try out with your guy – today!

Relationships can become dull when partners keep engaging in the same old stuff and what most relationships needs are a little spice, especially in the bedroom. Sex is one of the main pillars on which every relationship is built and bringing in new ideas will make your sex life much more exciting.

Here are some of the ideas that will have you all over each other:

  • Skin on skin contact has significant arousal effects and most guys love the feel of skin against theirs. To make things more interesting, get creative about how he can touch you. Think honey and whipped cream, for example.
  • Change your daily routine. Set the alarm clock a little bit early and cook breakfast for him in your underwear. Smile and touch him fleetingly as you pass him, he’ll love it.
  • Spend longer amounts of time kissing. Most people underestimate the power of kissing by doing it for only a moment. Kiss for longer and reap the rewards.
  • Blind fold each other and then get into foreplay. Try something different by having one partner blindfolded at a time, it will have you touching, smelling, feeling and tasting each other like never before.
  • Have ice-creams or ice cubes to beat the heat. After sucking on some ice, go down on your guy. Nothing like a tingle of cold to set the mood!
  • Mix things up. Instead of removing his clothes the normal way, use your mouth to rip them off and let him do the same for you.
  • Leave your sexy stilettos on after a night out. Wrap your legs around his body and slightly press into him using the heels. A little pain will make him go crazy over you.
  • Take a shower together. When your guy is in the shower, join him. Save water and add sexual excitement at the same time. Give him a good soaping down whilst your at it.
  • Have noisy sex. Most men love to hear girls moan and talk dirty when having sex. So organise an empty household and don’t hold back on the moaning and screaming.
  • Come up with your own sex position. Instead of practising the same old styles, put your sexual brains to work by trying out your own sexual styles in different places across the house. Remember to talk about what each of you likes the most and why.

What do you and your partner do to keep the sex alive in your relationship?