4 ways to be romantic with your girlfriend

Everyone loves a little romance, and according to social convention, women love it more than men. And women without children love it more than women with children because all they want is a sleep in. Basically, you can take your romance and shove it.

But if you are feeling the urge to slap a little romance into your life, here are the 4 best ways to do it because a little show of romance each day can do a lot to bring you closer together. Instead of getting in trouble for not being a romantic guy, step up your game with these simple tricks.

Surprise her

A great way to amp up the romance in your relationship is catching your partner off guard. A surprise weekend trip can be a winner. Just make sure you have organised a dog sitter and someone to water the plants. Nothing kills romance faster than a lonely dog and a dead plant.

If a weekend trip is out of the question, take the time to organise a date. Just make sure you wear nice shoes.

Put thought into your dates

A movie and dinner are great, especially when you are 16, but if done regularly, they become boring. Instead of having a routine, consider planning something special for her. Take time to plan because it shows that she is worth going an extra mile for.

Give her a love token

Girl and gifts are inseparable, but not all gifts make sense to them. Yes, it might be something you like, but just because you like it, she doesn’t have like it too. Instead of buying expensive gifts that are great yet not necessarily romantic, why don’t you focus on little presents that are full of romance? A handwritten poem, a single rose, and carefully written cards show a girl the extent of love you have for her and it’s clear to her that you are romantic.

Arrange alone time

If your time spent with your girlfriend or wife is also time spent with other people, you need to arrange some private time. Prepare a meal at your place, or watch a movie over to her place. Go for a walk, a drive, it doesn’t matter what it is, as long as you are alone with each other.  And no, the dog cannot come.

And finally, a word to the wise, some of the most romantic things cost the least amount of money. Saying you love her, hugs, pecks on the cheek are all free and simple gestures of love and romance.

Do you think you have enough romance in your life? Do we all have enough time in our busy schedules to be romantic? Leave a comment below!