Welcome to the Luna Blue blog and thanks for taking the time to get to know me. I hope I get to know you too. Yes really!

As an author of contemporary women’s fiction (a broad term, I know) and a feminist, I want to empower women. Ok, it’s not exactly my duty, I’m not a vampire slayer, but I want women to read my books, or blogs or tweets and not only feel better but be reminded of the fact that we are powerful. We are fabulous. Our lives are fabulous and as wonderful as men are, they are an accessory, not the whole outfit. Although some men may fit us like gloves, we don’t need to wear them all the time.

Being a woman in the modern world is hard, being a feminist is even harder. Simone De Beauvoir famously said that feminism is needed because somewhere along the way, the world forgot that women are people too. Well, let us all don our highest stilettoes and remind the world that we are a part of it. That it is us that makes the world go around. And hey, sex is great and yes, we actually enjoy it.

I have also been a dating and romance advice columnist for nearly a decade. I hope you find posts regarding these topics useful and entertaining. 

So join me, sisters, in feeling fabulous, in being fabulous and by reading blog posts that inspire you, make you laugh and on occasion, teach you something new. 

Please feel free to comment on any of the posts, authors love hearing from readers! In the meantime, welcome to the world of Luna Blue.