Does erotica create false expectations of men?

Some women have fought relentlessly against the pornography industry because they believe it dehumanises us. I’m not here to argue semantics about porn, even though I could because I studied pornography in Philosophy at uni. Seriously.

But does erotica for women create false expectations of men?

No, and that’s exactly why we like it. We like it because it’s not reality. We’ve been disappointed by men before, I mean, I’ve never seen a man effectively use a laundry basket. Have you? So we shouldn’t stop reading erotic romance just in case our reality changes. I also bet no erotic story showcases the hero’s brilliant skills at putting his dirty clothes in the basket.

We don’t expect men to rescue us on horseback from the villain and we know we are not going to be having sex with our husbands on a tropical beach every night as we trace his muscles with our fingers, probably because his muscles vanished about the same time as my waist line. That’s why we read our erotic books.

Women are smart. We know what to expect from our men and it isn’t a Disney Prince or a short-arse Jerry Maguire. We DO NOT need a man to complete us. We complete ourselves and wine fills in the gaps. Wine that we pay for ourselves by the way.

Ok, so we all watched Mr and Mrs Smith and then felt like shit because we weren’t married to a gun toting, pretty-boy Brad Pitt. But we drank some wine and felt better. And on the same note, we all watched Harry Potter and then felt like shit because we weren’t Hermione, but again, we drank wine, bought a wand off ebay and felt better. We ladies are super tough. And if the wands we bought turn out to be real one from Diagon Alley then we are going to be even more tougher.

Erotic romances do not create false expectations of men. When sober we live in the real world, which is inhabited by real men. We know most of them can’t ride a horse and if they could, wouldn’t do it bareback.  If truth be told, we’d be much more surprised if his dirty clothes ended up in the laundry basket.

What do you think? Do you read an erotic romance and then discover you are looking for a divorce lawyer? I’d love to hear your thoughts!